How do you make your wedding day memorable, fun, and, most of all, desi? Well, the answer is wedding dhol players in California and Arizona. Our energetic, loud, and vibrant dhol playing is sure to thrill your guests and compel everyone to dance.

Our wedding services

At Dj Mistry, we have professional dhol players for weddings in Arizona, providing you the services listed below.

1 – Wedding procession

While your partner’s family waits for your entry, we will let them know who is arriving with a solid bang! Our dhol players create an atmosphere and memories that will be forever cherished by everyone. Your guests won’t be able to resist but dance in front of the groom’s procession.

2 – Reception entry

What better way to enter your reception than to have a dhol playing while you make your grand entrance. When your excited guests are waiting to see you and your partner, why not make a powerful entrance with an energetic dhol playing? It can undoubtedly energize the room even more.

3 – Party performance

What’s a wedding without a party? When you hire our highly experienced dhol players, you will notice your guests up and enjoying on the dance floor. You can have a unique and cheerful party while we play the dhol. And people will indeed talk about the event for years to come.

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