Impress the Guest on Your Wedding Day with Jhakaas Entertainment

A young couple ties the knot with the dreams of a blissful married life. They hold hands and make promises to love and cherish each other’s company forever. A high percentage of Indians live in California, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.
An Indian wedding is no less than a grand ceremony. It celebrates the union of the two individuals and their families. The bride and the groom have a lot on their plates. It becomes rather challenging for them to work out the nitty-gritty of the wedding and reception parties. Jhakaas Entertainment can come to your aid.

Experienced DJ

The couples want the best services on the wedding day. We will ensure that your demands are fulfilled. No India wedding ceremony is complete without music. Our professional wedding DJ will play the appropriate tracks to enhance the wedding mood. DJ Mistry can create magic with this DJ consol.

Playing the music and handling microphones

Pre and post-wedding parties give the members of the two families to interact with one another. We will take the responsibility of playing the perfect music for the occasion. We will also take care of controlling the microphones that the priest, the couple, or anyone else needs to use during this occasion. Your celebrations will go glitch-free once we take over the responsibility of the music and the related equipment.

Appropriate Lighting Arrangements

Proper lighting can really enhance the beauty of any venue that you use for your events. It can be indoors or even outdoors and the added value of the right lighting can really make a big difference. Reach out to us to inquire about all our lighting options we can offer to help you take your events to the next level. Some of the lighting options we offer include, but not limited to; led up lighting, pattern wash, stage wash, static custom monograms, digital custom monograms, intelligent movers, spot lighting, pin spots, laser, string lighting, and much more.

Wedding Audio Arrangements

Our team is skilled in playing the right kind of music to set the mood at any given event, including the traditional ceremonial music at your wedding. They can set up adequate sound for the space being used during any event make sure everything sounds crisp clear.

Dance to the Beat of the Dhol

Ever been to an Indian wedding with no dhol player during the Baraat or even a Sangeet or reception event? It’s extremely rare and we offer this services anywhere in the world. Reach out today to see your options for adding the beat of a dhol player to any of your events. It sounds great with the thumping beats from the music through speakers to hear a live dhol player add more beats to the music.

Visual Effects

Our team has endless amounts of visual effects that can be added to your events. Inquire today to see how you can add indoor cold sparklers to your event for the grand entrance, first dance, performance or a grand exit. These sparklers are made to be used indoors or outdoors and do not cause any fires. Additionally, we have machines to add the cloud effects, CO2 cannons and blasters, Confetti cannons, and even a large LED Tron who can entertain the dance floor. Aside from Visual Effects, we also have plenty of visual aids to add to your event. Our brand new LED wall can be made to any size and display anything in a very high resolution way, as well as projectors to go with rear projection screens and large LED TVs.

Set-up the Dance Floor

Whether your venue has a dance floor or not, we can bring our own dance floor or make the venue’s floor look better by adding vinyl wrap material to it in any color or pattern. Check with our team to see the unlimited options you have for creating a unique dance floor that is sure to be a show stopper as any event. Vinyl can even be added to stages, aisles, façades, decor and more.

Booking a Destination

Most young couples want to get married or organize special events at popular destinations. However, it requires meticulous planning and proper implementation. If you lack these skills, then the experts of Jhakaas Entertainment will come to your rescue. We can book the destination venue, accommodation and other necessary facilities. You need not worry about DJ booking for the party.
Need a DJ that can travel anywhere in the world to take care of the music and crowd control at all your destination events. We have a team of DJs, Dhol Players, MCs and entertainers ready to travel anywhere in the world with your crowd to make sure you get everything you want in terms of the entertainment goes. Reach out today and get your free quote for the services you require at your destination events.